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GLS Briefly

GLS - Who we are
GLS is a European company that provides reliable, high quality and flexible distribution services. GLS has a comprehensive network in 30 European countries comprised of wholly owned and partner companies.


GLS - What we do
GLS specialises in integrated parcel distribution and express services for customers throughout Europe. GLS also offers local logistics services.


GLS - How we do it
The GLS system is based on:

  • Road based parcel system

  • Fleet of some 16,000 vehicles

  • Coverage in 30 European countries

  • Transparancy in information, complementary IT systems such as Track & Trace

GLS services are based on the principles:

  • Quality

  • Reliability

  • Flexibility and

  • Cost-Effectiveness

GLS - What makes us different
GLS is a European company
Our Strength: One Company, One Network, One System
Our Drive: 'Quality' leadership
Our Intelligence: Local market know-how, International business expertise
Our Skill: Entrepreneurialism

GLS - Our mission
To be the number-1 quality parcel company in Europe.


GLS - Facts

  • 12,000 people work for GLS

  • Companies in 15 European countries

  • 25 hubs and 500 depots

  • A fleet of 16,000 vehicles serve GLS' customers

  • Approx turnover of € 1 billion in 2001
    80% share in General Parcel, integrated business-to-business ground-based parcel network operating throughout 30 countries in Europe

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